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Advantages of Greenline Yachts

  • – Revolutionary Super displacement hull which reduces drag, creates less wake and requires less fuel.
  • – Featured Hybrid system with the range of approximate 20 nautical miles on electric drive. Traditional Diesel motor supplements this hybrid system.
  • – Greenline Yachts offers Clean electric energy without noise and smoke while enjoying drastically reduced fuel consumption.
  • – Greenline Yachts is the largest marine hybrid fleet in the world.
  • – Optional Solar Panels provide full energy to on-board equipment while docked and infinite cruising at speeds of 2-3 knots.
  • – Greenline Yachts Seaworthiness (Class B Certified Yacht, built to withstand winds up to 34-40 knots and waves of 13-20 ft).
  • – Full Warranty and Certification system as well as top class dealer and hybrid service support.